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0 /10 Google Pagerank : 0 is internet broadband speed test, in here you can check whois and parameters domain. It has Pagerank & Alexa 9579531. NS for have IP Address About Geo IP Location for server is in Germany country, Region in Europe - Western Europe, State in , City in , You can see detail long and lat in maps below. It's have Latitude 51.2993 & Longitude 9.491. Calling country code for this server is 49 for calling to Germany country. National currency in Germany is EUR

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IP is : Whois Lookup for Domain : domain lookup results from server: Domain: Status: connect

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Alexa Rank : 9579531

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Lookup results for inetnum: - netname: DE-MYLOC-DUS-20060217 country: DE org: ORG-MMIA3-RIPE admin-c: MOPS-RIPE tech-c: MOPS-RIPE status: ALLOCATED PA mnt-by: MYLOC-MNT mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT created: 2020-11-04T10:31:12Z last-modified: 2020-11-04T10:31:12Z source: RIPE organisation: ORG-MMIA3-RIPE org-name: myLoc managed IT AG country: DE org-type: LIR address: Am Gatherhof 44 address: 40472 address: D�sseldorf address: GERMANY admin-c: MOPS-RIPE tech-c: MOPS-RIPE abuse-c: MOPS-RIPE mnt-ref: MYLOC-MNT mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT mnt-by: MYLOC-MNT created: 2019-10-28T10:48:29Z last-modified: 2020-12-16T12:55:47Z source: RIPE # Filtered phone: +4921161708110 fax-no: +4921161708111 role: myLoc NOC address: myLoc managed IT AG address: Network Operations & Services address: Am Gatherhof 44 address: 40472 Duesseldorf DE admin-c: PHAN tech-c: PHAN tech-c: DDO tech-c: JOH tech-c: NIL tech-c: PRI nic-hdl: MOPS-RIPE remarks: +---------------------------------------------------+ remarks: | 24/7 NOC email: | remarks: | 24/7 NOC phone: +49 211 61708 110 | remarks: | | remarks: | Please direct abuse issues ONLY | remarks: | to | remarks: | Complaints to other adresses will be deemed | remarks: | as spam and not further processed! | remarks: +---------------------------------------------------+ remarks: | Please send legal/law enforcement inquiries to | remarks: | | remarks: | | remarks: | PGP-Key ID for is 0xBB75B2C5 | remarks: | | remarks: | You can send your inquiry also via fax to this | remarks: | number: +49 211 61708 551 | remarks: | | remarks: | Mails to WILL | remarks: | be automatically processed and the customer WILL | remarks: | get a notification about your inquiry. | remarks: +---------------------------------------------------+ abuse-mailbox: mnt-by: MYLOC-MNT created: 2013-02-11T16:38:10Z last-modified: 2020-08-06T08:25:31Z source: RIPE # Filtered route: descr: myLoc managed IT AG origin: AS24961 mnt-by: MYLOC-MNT created: 2017-02-02T17:04:51Z last-modified: 2017-02-02T17:06:25Z source: RIPE IP Location :

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
Latitude: 51.2993
Longitude: 9.491
Calling Code: 49
Currency: EUR
Capital: Berlin
Region: Europe, Western Europe
Language: German

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