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0 /10 Google Pagerank : 0 is internet broadband speed test, in here you can check whois and parameters domain. It has Pagerank & Alexa 0. NS for have IP Address About Geo IP Location for server is in country, Region in - , State in , City in , You can see detail long and lat in maps below. It's have Latitude 47 & Longitude 8. Calling country code for this server is for calling to country. National currency in is

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IP is : Whois Lookup for Domain : domain lookup results from server: Domain name: Status: active Registrar: Takenhofplein 3 6538SZ NIJMEGEN Netherlands Abuse Contact: Creation Date: 2007-03-12 Updated Date: 2017-06-15 DNSSEC: no Domain nameservers: Record maintained by: NL Domain Registry Copyright notice No part of this publication may be reproduced, published, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording, or otherwise, without prior permission of the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands (SIDN). These restrictions apply equally to registrars, except in that reproductions and publications are permitted insofar as they are reasonable, necessary and solely in the context of the registration activities referred to in the General Terms and Conditions for .nl Registrars. Any use of this material for advertising, targeting commercial offers or similar activities is explicitly forbidden and liable to result in legal action. Anyone who is aware or suspects that such activities are taking place is asked to inform the Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands. (c) The Foundation for Internet Domain Registration in the Netherlands (SIDN) Dutch Copyright Act, protection of authors' rights (Section 10, subsection 1, clause 1).

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Lookup results for inetnum: - netname: NL-PROVIDER-20090930 country: EU org: ORG-VIB2-RIPE admin-c: JB7577-RIPE tech-c: JB7577-RIPE status: ALLOCATED PA mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT mnt-by: NLPROVIDER-MNT mnt-lower: NLPROVIDER-MNT2 mnt-lower: NLPROVIDER-MNT mnt-lower: PCEXTREME-MNT mnt-domains: MNT-PROVIDER_NL mnt-routes: BIT-MNT mnt-routes: nl-astralus-1-mnt created: 2009-09-30T13:27:06Z last-modified: 2020-03-18T11:47:43Z source: RIPE organisation: ORG-VIB2-RIPE org-name: Provider B.V. org-type: LIR address: Takenhofplein 3 address: 6538 SZ address: Nijmegen address: NETHERLANDS phone: +31243440155 fax-no: +31243605030 admin-c: JB7577-RIPE mnt-ref: NLPROVIDER-MNT mnt-ref: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT mnt-ref: NLPROVIDER-MNT2 mnt-by: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT mnt-by: NLPROVIDER-MNT abuse-c: ID1576-RIPE created: 2008-01-04T06:11:14Z last-modified: 2019-11-08T16:05:53Z source: RIPE # Filtered person: Jeroen Boonstra address: Takenhofplein 3 6538 SZ Nijmegen The Netherlands phone: +3124350 59 15 nic-hdl: JB7577-RIPE created: 2010-06-23T10:04:10Z last-modified: 2020-03-18T14:55:55Z source: RIPE mnt-by: NLPROVIDER-MNT2 route: descr: Telecity Group AMS PI Customer Provider BV origin: AS15830 mnt-by: TELECITY-MNT mnt-by: NLPROVIDER-MNT mnt-by: NLPROVIDER-MNT2 created: 2009-11-11T15:17:08Z last-modified: 2018-10-01T08:57:37Z source: RIPE IP Location :

Country: ()
Latitude: 47
Longitude: 8
Calling Code:
Region: ,

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