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SpeedTest.co.id is internet speed test, but you can check for detail Whois IP, this is detail IP Location for : Bahrain country, Region in Asia - Western Asia, State in , City in Manama, Detail coordinates maps have Latitude 26.241 and Longitude 50.5779, you can see location in maps below. If you want call to Bahrain, you can use Calling Code 973. Currency in Bahrain country is BHD

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Lookup results for inetnum: - netname: ADSL descr: Batelco ADSL service country: bh admin-c: HG9798-RIPE tech-c: HG9798-RIPE status: ASSIGNED PA mnt-by: BATELCO-MNT mnt-routes: AS5416-MNT created: 2006-02-13T10:46:34Z last-modified: 2012-06-27T12:28:37Z source: RIPE person: Hussain Ghasra address: Batelco Telegraph House address: Salmanya address: PO Box 14 Manama address: Batelco Telegraph House address: Bahrain phone: +973 17 883301 fax-no: +973 17 246221 nic-hdl: HG9798-RIPE created: 2001-09-25T17:10:35Z last-modified: 2017-10-30T21:45:31Z source: RIPE # Filtered mnt-by: BATELCO-MNT route: descr: Bahrain Telcommunication Company origin: AS5416 mnt-by: AS5416-MNT created: 2004-09-01T06:39:53Z last-modified: 2004-09-01T06:39:53Z source: RIPE # Filtered

Detail IP Location for

Country: Bahrain (????????)
City: Manama
Latitude: 26.241
Longitude: 50.5779
Calling Code: 973
Currency: BHD
Capital: Manama
Region: Asia, Western Asia
Language: Arabic

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