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SpeedTest.co.id is internet speed test, but you can check for detail Whois IP, this is detail IP Location for : Russia country, Region in Europe - Eastern Europe, State in , City in Moscow, Detail coordinates maps have Latitude 55.7527 and Longitude 37.6172, you can see location in maps below. If you want call to Russia, you can use Calling Code 7. Currency in Russia country is RUB

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Lookup results for inetnum: - netname: BEELINE-BROADBAND descr: Dynamic IP Pool for Broadband Customers country: RU admin-c: CORB1-RIPE tech-c: CORB1-RIPE status: ASSIGNED PA mnt-by: RU-CORBINA-MNT created: 2011-11-14T10:53:57Z last-modified: 2011-11-14T10:53:57Z source: RIPE role: CORBINA TELECOM Network Operations address: CORBINA TELECOM/Internet Network Operations address: Kozhevnicheskij proezd, 1 address: Moscow, Russia address: 115114 phone: +7 495 755 5648 fax-no: +7 495 787 1990 remarks: ----------------------------------------------------------- remarks: Feel free to contact Corbina Telecom NOC to remarks: resolve networking problems related to Corbina remarks: ----------------------------------------------------------- remarks: User support, general questions: support@corbina.net remarks: Routing, peering, security: ipnoc@corbina.net remarks: Report spam and abuse: abuse@beeline.ru remarks: Mail and news: postmaster@corbina.net remarks: DNS: hostmaster@corbina.net remarks: ----------------------------------------------------------- admin-c: AK644-RIPE tech-c: MCS91-RIPE nic-hdl: CORB1-RIPE mnt-by: RU-CORBINA-MNT abuse-mailbox: abuse@beeline.ru created: 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z last-modified: 2016-02-16T09:47:15Z source: RIPE # Filtered route: descr: RU-CORBINA-BROADBAND-POOL2 origin: AS8402 mnt-by: RU-CORBINA-MNT created: 2011-10-31T18:17:00Z last-modified: 2011-10-31T18:17:00Z source: RIPE # Filtered

Detail IP Location for

Country: Russia (??????)
City: Moscow
Latitude: 55.7527
Longitude: 37.6172
Calling Code: 7
Currency: RUB
Capital: Moscow
Region: Europe, Eastern Europe
Language: Russian

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