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SpeedTest.co.id is internet speed test, but you can check for detail Whois IP, this is detail IP Location for : Indonesia country, Region in Asia - South-Eastern Asia, State in , City in Jakarta, Detail coordinates maps have Latitude -6.1741 and Longitude 106.8296, you can see location in maps below. If you want call to Indonesia, you can use Calling Code 62. Currency in Indonesia country is IDR

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Lookup results for inetnum: - netname: DNET descr: PT. CORE MEDIATECH descr: Gedung CM descr: Jl. Matraman 1 no.9 descr: Jakarta 13150 country: ID admin-c: HD16-AP tech-c: HD16-AP remarks: Send Spam& Abuse report to: abuse@dnet.net.id mnt-by: MNT-APJII-ID mnt-lower: NOC-ID-DNET mnt-irt: IRT-DNET-ID status: ALLOCATED PORTABLE last-modified: 2011-07-01T02:42:02Z source: APNIC irt: IRT-DNET-ID address: PT. CORE MEDIATECH address: Jl. Matraman 1 no.9 address: Jakarta 13150 e-mail: abuse@dnet.net.id abuse-mailbox: abuse@dnet.net.id admin-c: HD16-AP tech-c: HD16-AP auth: # Filtered mnt-by: NOC-ID-DNET last-modified: 2018-05-31T22:29:23Z source: APNIC person: Hostmaster Dnet address: PT. Core Mediatech (D-NET) address: Jl. Matraman I no.9 address: Jakarta 13150 country: ID phone: +62-21-28507000 fax-no: +62-21-28507070 e-mail: hostmaster@dnet.net.id nic-hdl: HD16-AP mnt-by: NOC-ID-DNET last-modified: 2008-09-05T03:10:57Z source: APNIC route: descr: PT. Wireless Indonesia descr: Internet Service Provider origin: AS18004 mnt-by: MAINT-ID-WIRELESSNET last-modified: 2019-01-07T05:41:34Z source: APNIC inetnum: - netname: WIRELESSNET-ID descr: PT. Wireless Indonesia descr: Internet Service Provider country: ID admin-c: TP3-AP tech-c: TP3-AP tech-c: KU7-AP status: ALLOCATED PORTABLE remarks: spam and abuse report : kunto@smart-telecom.co.id remarks: spam and abuse report : abuse@wirelessnet.id mnt-by: MNT-APJII-ID mnt-lower: MAINT-ID-WIRELESSNET mnt-routes: MAINT-ID-WIRELESSNET mnt-irt: IRT-WIRELESSNET-ID last-modified: 2016-01-08T09:56:34Z source: IDNIC irt: IRT-WIRELESSNET-ID address: WIRELESS_Internet-Service-Provider address: WIRELESS INDONESIA, PT |WIN| address: >> SMART-TELECOM & SMARTFREN << address: http://www.smart-telecom.co.id http://www.smartfren.com e-mail: abuse@wirelessnet.id abuse-mailbox: abuse@wirelessnet.id admin-c: TP3-AP tech-c: TP3-AP auth: # Filtered mnt-by: MAINT-ID-WIRELESSNET last-modified: 2016-01-08T09:50:23Z source: IDNIC person: Kunto Utoro address: Jln H Agus Salim [SABANG] No.45, Jakarta PUSAT address: WIRELESS INDONESIA, PT :: SMART TELECOM, PT address: DKI Jakarta - Indonesia country: ID phone: +62-21-31922255 fax-no: +62-21-316 2343 e-mail: kunto@smartfren.com nic-hdl: KU7-AP mnt-by: MAINT-ID-WIRELESSNET last-modified: 2011-03-04T08:32:02Z source: IDNIC person: Teddy Affan Purwadi address: TRANSMEDIA INDONESIA, PT address: Internet Society - Indonesia address: Jln Tulodong Bawah VIII No. 46, Jakarta 12910 country: ID phone: +62-21-526-8777 fax-no: +62-21-526-8789 e-mail: tap@transmedia.net.id nic-hdl: TP3-AP mnt-by: MAINT-ACCESS-ID last-modified: 2018-04-06T09:40:25Z source: IDNIC

Detail IP Location for

Country: Indonesia (Indonesia)
City: Jakarta
Latitude: -6.1741
Longitude: 106.8296
Calling Code: 62
Currency: IDR
Capital: Jakarta
Region: Asia, South-Eastern Asia
Language: Indonesian

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