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SpeedTest.co.id is internet speed test, but you can check for detail Whois IP, this is detail IP Location for : Indonesia country, Region in Asia - South-Eastern Asia, State in , City in Tangerang, Detail coordinates maps have Latitude -6.177 and Longitude 106.6284, you can see location in maps below. If you want call to Indonesia, you can use Calling Code 62. Currency in Indonesia country is IDR

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Lookup results for inetnum: - netname: BM-ID descr: PT. First Media,Tbk descr: Broadband Internet Service descr: Citra Graha Building 4th Floor descr: Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav 35-36 descr: Jakarta - Indonesia country: ID admin-c: EB26-AP tech-c: PA170-AP remarks: Spam and Abuse send to : abuse@firstmedia.com mnt-by: MNT-APJII-ID mnt-lower: MAINT-ID-BM mnt-routes: MAINT-ID-BM status: ALLOCATED PORTABLE mnt-irt: IRT-BM-ID last-modified: 2016-06-06T06:20:54Z source: APNIC irt: IRT-BM-ID address: PT. First Media,Tbk address: Citra Graha Building 4th Floor address: Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav 35-36 address: Jakarta - Indonesia, 12950 e-mail: abuse@firstmedia.com abuse-mailbox: abuse@firstmedia.com admin-c: EB26-AP tech-c: PA170-AP auth: # Filtered mnt-by: MAINT-ID-BM last-modified: 2018-05-31T22:29:29Z source: APNIC person: Eko Budirahardjo nic-hdl: EB26-AP e-mail: noc@link.net.id address: Lippo Cyber Park address: Jl. Bulevar Gajah Mada No.2088 address: Lippo Karawaci 100, Tangerang 15811. Indonesia phone: +62-21-55777755 fax-no: +62-21-5530752 country: ID mnt-by: MAINT-ID-LINKNET last-modified: 2008-09-04T07:30:20Z source: APNIC person: Putut Ardiyanto address: Citra Graha Building fl.04 address: Gatot Subroto Kav. 35-36 address: Jakarta country: ID phone: +62-21-5278811 fax-no: +62-21-5278833 e-mail: putut.ardiyanto@linknet.co.id nic-hdl: PA170-AP mnt-by: MAINT-ID-BM last-modified: 2012-08-07T08:30:02Z source: APNIC inetnum: - netname: FastNet country: ID descr: PT. First Media, Tbk. descr: ISP descr: Jakarta - 12950 admin-c: MA1-AP tech-c: RS143-AP status: ASSIGNED NON-PORTABLE mnt-by: MAINT-ID-BM last-modified: 2009-06-24T05:57:59Z source: IDNIC person: Marcelus Ardiwinata address: Citra Graha Bld. 4th Floor address: Gatot Subroto Kav.35-36 address: Jakarta 12950 country: ID phone: +62-21-5278811 e-mail: marcelus.ardiwinata@firstmedia.com nic-hdl: MA1-AP mnt-by: MAINT-ID-BM last-modified: 2011-05-11T09:05:24Z source: IDNIC person: Rony Ardhitia Soetedjo address: Citra Graha Building fl.04 address: Gatot Subroto Kav. 35-36 address: Jakarta country: ID phone: +62-21-5278811 fax-no: +62-21-5278833 e-mail: rony.ardhitia@firstmedia.com nic-hdl: RS143-AP mnt-by: MAINT-ID-BM last-modified: 2011-05-11T09:06:30Z source: IDNIC

Detail IP Location for

Country: Indonesia (Indonesia)
City: Tangerang
Latitude: -6.177
Longitude: 106.6284
Calling Code: 62
Currency: IDR
Capital: Jakarta
Region: Asia, South-Eastern Asia
Language: Indonesian

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